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  • School Automation at TOSSE Event Ikeja

    School Automation at TOSSE Event Ikeja | 9 months ago

    Simply said, the TOSSE event which held on 1st and 2nd of June 2017 was absolutely splendid! Hundreds of Stakeholders in the educator sector (School owners, school administrators, education consultants, heads of departments, teachers and even students) visited our booth to know more about Edves – School automation system (Learn more about Edves). Some schools owners showed interest in Edves because it helps increase their schools’ revenue generation; teachers love Edves because resul ... Full Story »

  • Let's do some things differently

    Let's do some things differently | 11 months ago

    During the last weekend, I had a nice chat with Mr Aina, the school owner, Breakthrough Int. School Ikorodu Lagos. He called my direct line to ask some questions. The call was expected to last for 1 minute but extended to 20 minutes. Mr Aina loves  Edves so much. He discovered the usefulness of the simplified Student Safety feature built with automated daily class attendance after few days of the upgrade. I was glad he taught me how the feature works. Lol #smile "Edves has si ... Full Story »

  • Send Student CA result via SMS

    Send Student CA result via SMS | 1 year ago

    It's no more a breaking news. SMS delivers to all mobile phone. A parent around middle belt Nigeria received the First CA test result of his son via SMS. He discovered the boy was poor in Mathematics, so he decided to get a private teacher for the boy. The question is, what has been happening to the Paper Reports of the previous Continous Assessments? We have inbuilt SMS platform in the Edves Portal, so Schools use this feature to communicate with parents especiall ... Full Story »

  • How often do you talk to parents?

    How often do you talk to parents? | 1 year ago

    I was in a forum with parents and educators of a private school in Lagos last week. After the first session of engagement, some parent engaged me directly explaining how they have always wished to know more about their children performance instead of waiting until next PTA meeting, Open Day or End of Term. They appreciated the idea of Sending Result as SMS and Online Home Work weekly and daily. These features are available in Edves Suite. The above features do not require the internet ... Full Story »

  • How to know if your school is attractive to parents

    How to know if your school is attractive to parents | 2 years ago

    Aside from the school bus and beautiful structures, there are many factors that get on the emotion of parents. Few months ago, one of our family friends spent hours asking questions and browsing the internet, trying to check secondary schools within and outside of Lagos for her boy. Safety, Standard of Teaching and School Fee affordability formed her search indexes. Though the factors that parents check on schools differ, the majority of them will agree with my family friend. I have these quest ... Full Story »

  • These 3 things show you are ready to resume new academic programme

    These 3 things show you are ready to resume new academic programme | 2 years ago

    School owners call for early term meetings with Staff and PTA to discuss academic planning for the term. They discuss Student Head Count and strategies to win and keep more parents. These are good routines with usual high expectations. In my 5-year experience working with over 70 schools, in 8 states in Nigeria, I have seen fewer schools paying attention to the key result-oriented aspect of readiness for the new academic programme. If you can withdraw from the usual activities, dig deep and take ... Full Story »